Research & Development

New Product: A team of personnel with extensive background from Dairying & Animal Husbandry are pro-actively involved to develop products capable of meeting emergent requirements from Feed mill and animal farm owners.

While developing these products, focus is to fulfill the requirement at affordable costs. New ingredients are identified according to their specific advantages as feed supplement.

The products are only approved based on field trial and feedback.

Product & Process Development: The existing products are identified for further improvement  to have additional benefits after adding new ingredients or improving the composition.

Collaborations: Dr Katre Premix Lab is associated with renowned feed manufacturers and trials are conducted in collaboration under strict confidence.

We are also associated with faculties of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Universities for  advance research and development. Research papers and articles are also input to our various product and process development projects.

Quality Assurance

Dr Katre Premix Lab has process to identify key parameters for continual improvement. As such we have channels to receive customer feedback including suggestions and complaints.

Monitoring is performed and data generated is analyzed and used for process & product improvement.

These inputs are evaluated in-depth and improvement actions are drawn accordingly. We have established process for handling customer complaints. Our effort is to understand the issues and close with satisfaction and ensure re-occurrence.

Quality And Feed Safety Policy

To maximize customer satisfaction through supply of safe & quality feed premix

Timely action on Customer complaint and Feedbacks

No tolerance for Statutory & Regulatory non compliance

To Ensure our personal are skilled and trained