Toxarrest (A Toxin Binder)

Name Description
Benefits It helps to form a stable complex with mycotoxins and radicals. Reduces mycotoxin levels in animal products
Detoxifies feeds and raw materials
Neutralises mycotoxins and radicals.
Protects animals against mycotoxicosis.
Does not require withdrawal periods.
Also contains high adsorbent minerals.
Slows down the feed passage in the intestine.
Reduces the in vivo bioavailability of mycotoxins for
gastrointestinal absorbance.
Protects cell against oxidation by radicals.
Selected blend of organic acids used in toxin binders controls harmful bacteria and fungus in the feed and in the intestine of animals. Organic acids also act as a gut acidifier to protect friendly bacteria for gut health.
Dosage To be thoroughly mixed in the finished feeds @ 0.1 to 0.5%.An average inclusion level of Toxarrest @ 2.5 kg. /ton of finished feeds recommended continuously in the humid season and 1 to 1.5 kg. /ton of feeds throughout dry season in Poultry Cattle & Aqua feeds or as advised by Nutritionist / Veterinarian.
For higher levels of contamination an increased level of Toxarrestup to 5kg. /ton of finished feeds will be required.
Packing 1,5 & 25 KG Bag