FeedLife (Increase Feed Shelf Life Through Control Of Molds,Virus,Worms)

Name Description
Benefits Acidification and Sanitization of formulated feeds and raw materials.
High ability in inhibiting possible Gram -ve and Gram +vebacteria, moulds, yeasts and viruses.
Improvement of the quality of intestinal flora of the animals. Complete sanitation of digestive tract of the animals achieves improving their health status.
Neutralise and expell Tape Worms, Round Worms, Thread Worms and Hook Worms in a natural and stress free way. Completely safe and free from any negative side effects.
Dosage & Composition Orally through feed or as drench
Cattle-100 gm daily
Calves-20 gm daily
1-2 KG/MT Feed or as advised by Nutritionist / Veterinarian.Blend of Propionic, Formic and Acetic acid with Essential oil and Formaldehyde.
Packing 1 KG Pack
5 KG Pack
25 KG Pack